What Exactly is Golf Management?

People around the world love playing golf. Whether they’re playing a fun round with their family or golfing buddies, or sealing the deal on a business venture over tee time, golf is a sport that has been enjoyed by people around the world for generations.

Recently, there has been a rise in companies that propose to enhance your golfing experience. Just what are Golf management companies, and what do they do?

What is a Golf Management Company?

Essentially, a golf management organization is a company that is hired by the proprietor of a golf club or course to manage the club and bring in more revenue. As of 2016, at least 18% of all golf clubs in the United States are hiring golf management businesses to help bring in more golfers (and by extension, more income) to their courses.

Some of these companies handle everything from maintenance of the golf course to handling guest dining experiences. They really go all out to get as many members as possible to keep coming back for more golfing.

What Tasks Might a Golf Management Company Handle?

A golf management company is usually brought on by the owner of a golf club to bring in more revenue. The folks in the golf management businesses usually handle a number of things, and most involve bringing in as many existing and new members as possible to drive revenue.

Some of the things they might handle include:

·    Bringing up the sales of new memberships.

·    Doing what they can to retain current members.

·    Handle marketing and other upsells to increase revenue in other parts of the club.

Golf management companies


At the end of the day, these companies exist to help existing golf clubs and courses bring in all the revenue they can so they can continue operating at high capacities. When new members come on to a golf club, they add more income to the club, and they get to keep playing while the club is able to thrive. Everybody wins, and it’s a hole-in-one for everyone involved.